1 500 pupils are taught by medicine students how simple techniques can save a life

Anyone can offer first aid in emergency and and sometimes, it can even save a life. A group of students from Nicolae Testemiţanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy wish to teach 1 500 pupils in two months how to correctly offer first aid.

Today, the future doctors came to Gheorghe Asachi Lyceum from the Capital, where they presented how to properly perform CPR and Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Cardiac massage is a difficult procedure from the physical point of view. It is considered that 30 minutes of resuscitation, is equivalent with 7 km of running. Therefore in some cases, when offering first aid, assistance is required, to be able to take a breath.

Students claim that those easy procedures can someday potentially save a life and each person must know them.

"My hands must be placed straight. I must have a 100, 120 frequency per minute and a 4 - 5 cm depth."

Pupils were taught how to offer first aid in case of chocking.

"This zone, above the belly button must be kept tense, we must place our legs here, grab and press. This way we save their life."

Students have also offered a guide on how to save the life of an infant.

"There are cases when infants require help but it is not offered, as it can only worsen the situation."

The future doctors believe those lessons to be useful for pupils.

"People who will require help might even turn up to be their parents, their friends, or even themselves. In such cases it is good to at least know the basics" student Valeria Țurcan declared.

"We plan to visit 30 institutions from Chisinau, Ialoveni and Străşeni. This is currently the 13th institution" ASRM president Gheorghe Buruiană announced.

The lessons offered by students from State University of Medicine and Pharmacy lasts around two hours. It's aim is to make pupils understand that they can save someone's life using simply methods.

Around 40 students have volunteered for the project and it was implemented with financial sport from the International Development Agency from United States of America. 

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