WORLD PREMIERE at Cricova cellars. First underground festival on earth

Hundreds of people chose to spend their free time at the Cricova wine cellars today, February 18th. The first underground festival has been held for the first time. Wine tastings, fairs, competitions and a concert has been organized in the underground galleries. 

Guests were welcomed with a glass of wine. Once in the cellars, people were caught in the dancing atmosphere maintained by various bands.

Some  have experimented with interesting wine preparations.

"It's a new type of wine, very tasty, sweet, good" , said one person.

"It's a really select wine because it is very fine, for ladies" said a visitor.

Visitors were also attracted by the sculptures hanging in the air, so selfies were on the agenda. Moreover, some ladies decided to end the bachelor and said "yes" to an actor dressed as Charlie Chaplin.

Most curiously they went on the trip knowing the history of the plant and to admire the famous wine collection.

The fun will continue until 10 p.m., and the price of a ticket is 250 lei.

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