Wooden church built on courtyard of Criuleni Hospital

A wooden church will be built in the courtyard of Criuleni District Hospital. The foundation stone was consecrated by a group of 14 priests headed by Metropolitan Vladimir.

The residents of the city, as well as the hospital employees, are just waiting for the place to be built.

"There are sick people here. I think it'll be great". 

"It's very necessary for sick persons to come and pray in the church". 

The church will have patron St. Archangel Michael.

"It is a beautiful thing, a fact that proves that the country is an Orthodox country. That is why we have gathered to put the stone in the foundation and asked for the blessing of the Lord to increase the work," said Metropolitan of Moldova, Vladimir. 

Local authorities say we need to have church in the hospital courtyard. 

The wood for the construction of the place was brought from Breansk, Russia, and money was donated.

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