Soldiers of Guard Battalion take the oath of faith and ready to defend the homeland

The solemn ceremony was organized in Chisinau where 60 soldiers from the Guard Battalion took the oath of faith. They had attended an initial military training course for two months.

"The military service is a school of manhood. It's an examination of life and a sacred duty for every citizen", said a soldier. 

At the event, an exhibition of weapons and equipment from the National Army was also organized.

"I can observe the equipment and the weapons of the the Guards Battalion. There are some uniforms specific to our land of the Republic of Moldova. There is uniform and protective equipment," said Major Constantin Câşleanu.

Parents who came to support their sons also expressed their depth of emotion:

"I was a soldier and I know what does this mean. He must know how to shoot, how to defend this homeland".

The deputy commander of the National Army congratulated the young soldiers and reminded them in 2021, our country would give up compulsory military service. Moreover, the army will be formed only by soldiers hired on a contract basis.

"The National Army has launched a vast program of training and I hope that at the end of the service, many of you will choose your military career," said Eduard Ohladciuc, Colonel and Deputy Commander of the National Army.

Around 2,500 young people were incorporated into the army in 2017 and 1600 in 2018. Our country now has a thousand soldiers hired on a contract basis.

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