Medical renovation benefits neurologic patients at "Sfânta Treime" Hospital

Better treatment conditions for patients with neurological diseases at the "Sfânta Treime" Municipal Hospital in the capital.

The Rehabilitation Section of hospital was reopened today after being repaired. The rooms were equipped with new furniture, modern lighting systems and modern medical equipment. The works lasted for four months.

The repair has changed the face of institution.

Igor Cortovenco is 57, and two weeks ago, he suffered a stroke. Since then, he can not go and have to perform physical therapy sessions daily.

"The left side is paralyzed, I cannot move hands and legs, it's very hard without coach," said the patient, Ion Cortovenco.

Another cabinet was equipped with special video installations. A virtual skier helps patients regain coordination of movements. Marina Cheren has lost these skills due to migraine.

The repair cost 2 million lei allocated from the municipal budget. Another 600,000 lei were earmarked for the renovation of other 4 sections. The works will be completed by early October.
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