Investigation: Criminal file of Olesea Stamate's husband was classified after she became Minister of Justice

The criminal case of Olese Stamate's husband, Gheorghe Stamate, who is the administrator of Ericsson Telecomunications SRL, was classified after he became Minister of Justice, according to

In 2016, Olese Stamate's husband was denounced for corruption acts by the CNA former Deputy Director, Cristina Tarna. At the base of the denunciation was a public auction and Gheorghe Stamate's desire to win the auction by any means. Thus, a file was started, which came under the management of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office.

But, coming to power, the new government solved Olese Stamate' integrity problem, classifying her husband's file when she became the Minister of Justice, notes the source. The Minister of Justice and the Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office have not yet commented on these accusations.
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