Information and Security Service ex-chief Bălan called people to consolidate against motherland treason

Over 30,000 people from all corners of Moldova gathered on Great National Assembly Square for a peaceful rally to guard our Moldovan Constitutional decision and condemn fiercely all treason actions. At the rally, former head of Information and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova Mihai Bălan invited everybody to consolidate with PDM and Vlad Plahotniuc

"I want to speak about a moment: A warrior who was along with me protected our country against mercenaries. He died defending people in the left bank of Nistru river. I want to ask a traitor, Dodon and other people who want functions. They are mafia supported by Moscow. On behalf of war veterans, I invite everybody to consolidate with PDM and Vlad Plahotniuc. He must be our country's president. Come with us, we don't trade our country, we don't federalize it. Vlad Plahotniuc, stay strong! Victory!", said Mihai Bălan.

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