Edelweiss foundation renovated lessons of visually impaired students

Visually impaired students from high school will have more interesting lessons and will learn the lessons easily. The children received an interactive whiteboard from the foundation of Vlad Plahotniuc, Edelweiss.

"We've come with something special for you, an interactive whiteboard has already been installed, we now also have a computer that contains educational software. We hope it will be useful to you."

With this device, most lessons will be taught through games.

"It is an instrument that has direct access to the Internet and you can apply any information received orally to see it in the form of pictures and videos," the Elven teacher explained.

The children were impressed with the gifts.

"This helps us study easily, for example, it takes us 5 minutes to create a 30 degree triangle, but it's easier on the interactive board," said student Igor Perdivară.

"It is certainly easier, more interesting. It shows us the picture, so we understand better," said student Igor Izuric.

The administration of the institution says that such a board will intrigue children and ease the work of teachers.

"It is very welcome, especially for our poor children, they can see the pictures, they can see all the stages, it's certainly beneficial thing and we are glad that we've given such board", said the teacher of primary classes, Tatiana Iacovis.

"Thanks to the Edelweiss Foundation for the beautiful contribution, I believe it will increase school success, it enhances the quality of teaching and arouses much more interest in lessons," said high school director Aurica Brânza.

Executive Director of Vlad Plahotniuc Edelweiss's Foundation says such actions are being taken to help children and bring them a smile on their lips.

"It is very important for children to have such a board in the institution. We are motivated by children's smiles and we continue to invest in children and their education because we are investing in the future," said Edelweiss Foundation Executive Director, , Lidia Cucos.

There are 82 visually impaired students in this institution in the capital.

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