Economy Minister in meeting with foreign investors: Moldova must become paradise for IT companies

Moldova must become a paradise for IT companies, states the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici, who had  meeting with a group of foreign investors in the field of information technology and electricity. 

During the talks, potential investors have appreciated the benefits of the IT Legislative Adjustments and the creation of the first IT Park in Moldova - Moldova IT Park.

"We encourage foreign IT companies to invest in our country and give them all the necessary support. Moldova should become a paradise for IT companies and we will take the necessary actions to create a favorable environment for the development of these businesses," said Minister Chiril Gaburici.

In this context, State Secretary Vitalie Tarlev briefly presented the legislation on the operation of IT parks, tax benefits and simplified interaction with state institutions, as well as the virtual regime of activity in IT parks.

Likewise, potential donors were also informed about the simplification of how to grant and extend the temporary residence right, and the abolition of work permits for foreign investors and senior employees of highly qualified IT companies.

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