Children in Ghindeşti town to broaden knowledge with new playground

Children in Ghindești town, Florești district no longer have to play on street full of vehicles and hidden dangers. A new playground was installed right in the center of village, helping parents feel relieved and no more worry about their kids' safety. 

Without hesitation, the kids rushed to the new playground. 

"It seems in fairy tale, so beautiful and pleasurable!"

"My dream comes true finally."

Parents say their children will not be endangered while playing in this new playground. 

"It's precious thing in our town. We don't need to worry about our kids playing elsewhere on streets. We will go to this play after kindergarten."

The project was carried out with the support of the democratic deputy Eugen Nichiforciuc, who was also participated in the playground inauguration.

"I really want these little kids to enjoy this playing land. Their parents will be at home and the government will do their best to take care of their children. "said MP Eugen Nichiforciuc.

Local authorities are planning to build a larger playground in near future. 

"We want to open another bigger play complex in future for children. It's expensive though, our children, future generation, are more expensive". Ghindeşti Mayor Mihai Bulat said.

The playground works exceeded one hundred thousand lei.

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