CEC established the ballot for the new parliamentary elections for Slobozia and Bender polling stations

The Central Election Commission (CEC) established the circulation of the ballots at the new parliamentary elections on October 20, 2019 for the polling stations in the electoral districts No. 48 (Slobozia, Tiraspol and Bender) and 50 (west of the Republic of Moldova). It represents a total number of 70 000 and 310 950 respectively.

For the polling stations in the electoral district No.48, there will be distributed, for the most part, 3 000 ballots for each. In the case of the polling stations in the uninominal constituency No.50, the ballots will be distributed starting from the estimated number of voters established based on the information presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration and that accumulated by the CEC, but not more than 5 000 of ballots for each polling station.

All the printed ballots will be distributed to the uninominal electoral constituency councils, and subsequently they will be sent to the polling station electoral bureaus.

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