Two year old child in claws of leopard from Russian zoo

A terrible case took place in Primorsk city, Russia, at a zoo. A two years old child was attacked by a leopard, after he came too close to the cage of the animal. The child was transported to the hospital in a bad condition.

"The child approached really easy to the cage. Then, the animal took the child and wounded him", says Makar Rudencik, reporter at Pervai Kanal.

The child was taken from the leopard's claws by his parents and the zoo's workers.

"We have heard how the visitors scream and we reacted  very fast. When we arrived at the cage, the child was already in his parents' hands."

The child was transported at the hospital.

"His state is good. He received the first medical aid, he doesn't require any plastic surgeries", said Svetlana Peatai, doctor.

The authorities will establish who is guilty in this case. Either the parents who didn't watch their child, either the zoo workers, who didn't provide the security of the visitors.

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