Russian Police raids nightclub in Lipetsk. Footage released showing officers brutally beating patrons

Most people are wary of dark roads and strangers when they go on a night out.

But for Russian party goers there was a whole new thing to worry about as they were brutally attacked by police officers who stormed the Karakum nightclub in Yelets.

Shocking footage has been released which shows the officers raiding the club in the Lipetsk Oblast region of Russia. 

CCTV shows a large number of officers pouring into the nightclub and immediately rushing towards the men dancing inside.

The officers throw the men to the ground and kick and stamp on them.

They also taser them in the shocking footage.

The officers then make them lie on the floor and place their hands behind their heads while continuing to deliver kicks to their bodies.

Some people can be seen cautiously entering the club before coming across the carnage and trying to flee.  

While attacking the clubbers, the police fail to talk to them or suggest a reason for the raid.

In one room, a clubber sees the police coming and throws himself to the floor but is still attacked.

None of the men seem to fight back. 

Police claimed that the Karakum nightclub was selling 'narcotic substances' and the police raided it to catch the culprits.

They also confirmed that more than 20 people were taken to Yelets department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia to 'establish identity and verify documents.'

In sickening footage, men can be seen face down on the ground with the officers stepping on them and prodding them with their boots.

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