Parliament maintained its decision according to laws rejected by President

In the last session of the Parliament that took place today, the Parliament maintained its vote to complete the Audiovisual Code of Moldova with norms according to the security of the informational space remanded for review by the head of state.
The completions of the Audiovisual code provide new norms that provide the security of the persons, society and the state in accordance with some manipulations or fake information attempt through the media against Moldova.

Also, the transmission of the TV and radio programs with informative, analytic, military and politic character take place in the member countries of European Union, the USA, Canada and other states who signed the convention according to the border television.
According to the 93(2) article of the Constitution, the President of Moldova has the right to send a law to reexamination to the Parliament, in a term of at least two weeks. In the case the Parliament maintains the previous decision, the President approves the law.

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