More and more Moldovans sick with hepatitis A

More and more Moldovans are ill with hepatitis A. In the period from January to August 2016, 295 cases were registered, with 157 cases more compared to the same period last year. 244 of them are among children, representing nearly 83-per-cent of the total.

According to the Center for Public Health, most sick persons suffering from hepatitis are registered in Cantemir and Şoldăneşti villages, where 50 cases of illness were registered.

Floresti and Rezina district register 46 cases, Soroca district register 25 patients while Falesti and Anenii-Noi register 18 cases of patients sick of hepatitis A. 

Less than ten cases are in Orhei, Leova, Teleneşti villages and in Chisinau.

The virus attacks especially children. Cases of infection with hepatitis A occurred in 17 kindergartens and seven schools in five districts.

The National Center for Public Health has presented the list of localities where there is high risk of infection with hepatitis A through infected water.

Doctors warn that the disease can be transmitted via dirty hands, contaminated objects and food.

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