Constitutional Court will sign deputies' referral to Dodon's interim after refusing to call new members of Government

Today, the Constitutional Court can take the last decision according to the new seven members f the Government. Igor Dodon, the President of the country rejected the new ministers called in function by Pavel Filip, the Prime Minister of Moldova, twice.

Previously, a group of deputies inflicted the Constitutional Court about the interim of the President on this case.

According to the decision announced by the head of the PDM, the Ministers Cabinet will have seven new members. It is about five ministers and two deputy ministers.

 In October 2017, the Constitutional Court established the temporary interim of the Presidency when Eugen Sturza, the new Defense Minister was called in function. Igor Dodon didn't have the right to sign a decree in this sense.

According to the Supreme Court, the right of calling in function the Defense Minister belonged to Andrian Candu, the President of the Parliament.


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