Anti-propaganda law revived in Parliament. Deputies didn't change their vote

The anti-propaganda law was revived in Parliament, after the country's president, Igor Dodon, refused to promulgate it. MEPs again exchanged views on the project.

The Socialists said they did not agree that the law would be re-examined at the Friday meeting and asked for a break. However, the initiative was supported by 59 elected representatives.

"It is a serious anti-democratic, anti-European slippage which violates all the conventions of the Council of Europe, which will be reported to all international organizations," said PSRM deputy Vlad Batrancea.

"I don't understand why they are indignant and against the socialists and they don't take into account what their chief, President Dodon, did. The fact that your president did not promulgate and turned to Parliament for revocation demonstrates he favors this bill. If you were against it, keep it not to be into effect 

he so quickly did not promulgate and turn to Parliament for revocation shows that your president is for this project If you were against it, it would keep it and it would not come into effect that it is Christmas, New Year, St. Basil, raise your hand and silently please, "PL deputy Mihai Ghimpu said.

"I don't understand why the socialists are against. They don't take into consideration what did their chief, Igor Dodon. The thing that he promulgated it very fast and returned it to the Parliament to vote it proves that your president is pro this project of law. Why are you rejecting those affirmations? If he was against, he would let it come into force. Let's vote, please", said Mihai Ghimpu, PL deputy.

The communists showed their displeasure too.

"We propose this project of law should be submitted to the European institutions through expertise, as you did with the audiovisual code", said Ina Supac, PCRM deputy.

"As long as we have a political desire to support this project of law, I think we can include it on the daily agenda. Here, we don't talk about a project of law that wasn't voted and should be examined. It is a law that wasn't promulgated by the President, it was submitted in the Parliament and the Parliament has the right to decide if it maintains the vote or changes the opinion", said Valeriu Ghiletchi, PPEM deputy.

On December 7, the anti-propaganda law was voted by 61 deputies and adopted in the Parliament. The document was supported by PDM, PL, PPE and PLDM.

The authors of the project said a couple of times that the document doesn't forbid any TV channels as the previous rumors said. The target of the law is to fight against foreign propaganda. The bans refer only to the informative, analytic and military programs.

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