Adrian Candu: Next year we will pass from a transition period to an economic growth one

Adrian Candu announced the Republic of Moldova had successfully passed the session of the Directors Council of the International Monetary Fund.

"We have successfully passed the Directors Councils of the International Monetary Fund. The directors and the IMF experts remarked the positive effects of the reforms that were implemented recently in Moldova.

Within the session there was approved the next funding trace from IMF to Moldova and the next cooperation level have already started. The reforms, the economic growth and the financial stability were appreciated by the experts.

The IMF mentioned the strong development base of Moldova. The next year, there will be a considerable economic growth.

Also, they talked about the good results after the cooperation with the EU and the reforms within this cooperation.

"I want to thank the Parliament colleagues who worked a lot to fulfill those reforms.

Also, I want to thank the colleagues from the Government and other institutions who contributed to the good result of the reforms, said Adrian Candu, the President of the Parliament.


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