Basarabeasca town fire: Block of flats engulfed in flames (Photos)

A block of flats in Basarabeasca town is on fire. The two storey building has eight apartments. Five fire truks are on the spot and are fighting the flames.  (UPDATE): The fire was localized. The fire had erupted after a housekeeper has forgotten food on the stove fire. The material damage will be  determined. According to...

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Tragic accident in Durlesti town. Young man died after being swept away by minibus driver

A 28-year-old young man died last night after being swept away by the driver of a minibus at Tudor Vladimirescu street in Durleşti town. Also, following the accident, a 13-year-old minor arrived at the hospital in serious condition. According to witnesses, the driver was drunk. Witnesses said the driver drove at a hundred kilometers per hour...

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